Let’s Tease the NSA with Some Haikus

Hello, NSA people!  We all know you’re out there, violating the privacy of everyone from heads of state on down.  We’re on to you.  We know that you’re flagging certain key words like “meth lab” and “Hezbollah” and “radioactive.” 

So just to mess with your minds, I’m posting this special NSA Haiku Generator which takes all those dangers NSA-flagged words and phrases and turns them into traditional Japanese poetry. 

Here’s the one I was given:  

San Diego Dead

Garbage SSL Gang Tools

Pornstars Powder Ice

Fun, huh?  Get your own NSA haiku by clicking on this image.

(Via Killscreen)

Juliette Jagger

Juliette Jagger is a Canadian music journalist. She is on Twitter @juliettejagger.

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