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Sure you do! We all do! Website The Ways We Work posts regular interviews with a wide variety of creative people with all sorts of backgrounds.

This week’s entry I found particularly interesting. Talking to musician, writer and businessman Thomas Honeyman about what he does and how he works and the challenges:

The writing and music I do is so fulfilling. It’s just intrinsically fulfilling. Music has always kind of been my thing, so if I’m feeling emotional about something I can just start writing and I love that.
For the business side of stuff, I really enjoy the camaraderie that comes from working really hard on something with your team. Especially with the guys who I built FindMySong with, but also with SimpleTiger now that I’m with them. We work totally remotely and communicate through Slack and video chat, which might seem distant, but still there’s just something about working really hard as a team that brings everyone together.
The most challenging? Probably organization, that’s why I focus on it so much. I’m kind of naturally disorganized so I have to force myself into it. Other than that, often I struggle to come up with ideas for writing or business. Once you have an idea, it’s more about just showing up every day after that, but coming up with the idea — I’m never really satisfied with my ideas until I’m six months into building them.

Read the whole interview and see the tools he uses to organize his busy life here.

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