List Season Is Here! Twitter Canada’s Top Tweets

As it always happens come December, the raft of year end lists begins to arrive. Today we hear from Twitter Canada on the top tweets of 2017.

2017 Year on Twitter

Top 5 most-mentioned Canadian actors accounts on Twitter in 2017
Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen)
Ryan Reynolds (@VanCityReynolds)
Shay Mitchell (@shaymitch)
Stephen Armell (@StephenAmell)
Nina Dobrev (@ninadobrev)

Top 5 most-mentioned Canadian musician accounts (solo artists) on Twitter in 2017
Justin Bieber (@JustinBieber)
Shawn Mendes (@ShawnMendes)
Sebastian Olzanski (@sebtsb)
The Weeknd (@TheWeeknd)
Drake (@drake)

Top 5 most-mentioned Canadian television hashtags (scripted programs) on Twitter in 2017
#OrphanBlack – Orphan Black
#SchittsCreek – Schitt’s Creek
#Letterkenny – Letterkenny
#AliasGrace – Alias Grace
#KimsConvenience – Kim’s Convenience

In August 2017, Justin Bieber (@JustinBieber) became the first Canadian account to reach 100,000,000 Twitter followers.

Other Canadian entertainment personalities whose Twitter accounts hit major follower milestones in 2017:
Shawn Mendes, musician (@ShawnMendes) – 10,000,000 (May 2017)
Seth Rogen, actor (@Sethrogen) – 5,000,000 (February 2017)
The Weeknd, musician (@TheWeeknd) – 5,000,000 (May 2017)
The Arcade Fire, music (@arcadefire) – 1,000,000 (June 2017)
Eric Alper, music journalist (@thatEricAlper) – 1,000,000 (August 2017)
PartyNextDoor, musician (@partynextdoor) – 1,000,000 (August 2017)

The passing of Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie (@GordDownie) was one of Canada’s top trending story of 2017. More than 300,000 Tweets about Downie were sent within 48 hours of his death in mid-October 2017.

You can read the whole story here.

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