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5 thoughts on “Listen: New Stone Temple Pilots Song Featuring Chester Bennington

  • It's pretty good. Sounds liek CHester is tweaking his voice to try and get that Scott vibe.

    Sounds more like Richard Patrick from Filter though, whihc makes me thing this sounds like an Army of Anyone song. Not that that's a bad thing.

  • I think STP found a keeper. I like it.

  • Not bad, still has the STP feel to it. But I can't see Bennington signing songs that Weiland rocks, like Dead and Bloated, Wicked Garden…

  • I agree Randy. Not quite sure how he's going to pull off the old stuff. Plus, there's a lot of anger out there from STP fans regarding the dismissal of Scott. No matter how good it sounds (and it does sound pretty good), it's not STP.

  • this song has been out since may…. turn on a radio once in a while


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