Listen, Play, Win – 3 Music-themed Online Slot Machines

Have you ever been to Vegas? If you have, you know the turmoil and noise of a casino. People cheering, machines clinking, phones ringing, and their likes – music might play in the background, but you can hardly make it out above all the noise. Playing the same games in the comfort of your home opens up new possibilities for game designers to enhance your gaming experience, though, allowing them to use music together with all the other elements – visual and otherwise – to offer the best they can. Although iGaming has been around for decades, music-themed online slots have arrived only recently. And some of them are awesome, too – let me show you a few of them below.

Karaoke Party

While it’s not strictly music-inspired, the Karaoke Party slot machine stands out from the crowd of Royal Vegas casino table games and slots with its cheerful audio-visual experience. Playing blackjack or video poker at the Royal Vegas might be a ton of fun, but the lack of music makes them somehow an inferior experience. Karaoke Party has what many other Royal Vegas games lack: music. The game has a pleasant synthpop soundtrack, interrupted only by the cheerful jingles played when you win (but that, too, can be switched off). And when the party starts (the bonus is triggered), the experience can be even more exciting.


A game released last year by an emerging Swedish developer called ELK Studios, DJ WÏLD takes its players straight into the middle of a Stockholm EDM club. With a soundtrack created by a local DJ, the game doesn’t focus on visuals at all – instead, it combines strobes and neon with its fiery music to offer the experience of mixing the tracks and making the crowds go wild.

Playing DJ WÏLD is a truly unique experience, with bright colors, fast-paced gameplay, and a ton of anticipation. And all this makes the game an amazing experience. Especially when played with your headphones on.

NetEnt Rocks

Last, but not least, let us mention the biggest musical gambling experience of the year: Swedish developer NetEnt’s new series called NetEnt Rocks. The series consists of three slot machines built around bands and artists that have proven their worth in the past: Guns n’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix, and Motörhead. Only the first two games in the series have been released so far – the last one will be launched this fall – but the company has already proven that it’s capable of offering something never-before-seen to the gaming world.

Music has not been a part of the iGaming business in the last two decades, but now it seems it’s time for new experiences to be explored by developers, operators, and players alike. Not a moment too soon.


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