Live music is “more stimulating than sex”–according to a live music company

The science is in, I guess.

Live Nation, the largest promoter of musical events in the world, commissioned a study into the stimulating effects of live music. And surprise! The findings suggest that people are more into live music than sex.

Not to denigrate live music, but gee, do you think they would have released this info had it not be a Live Nation-sponsored study?

Called the Power of Live study, a company called Culture Co-op talked to 22,500 people around the world between the ages of 13 and 65. Of that number, 71% said that live music experiences were the “moments that give me the most life.”

And here’s the kicker: “Respondents reported that they were 10% more likely to value live music over sex.” The study does not tell us how that particular question was phrased, so feel free to insert a little skepticism.

A few other stats:

  • Two-thirds of people 18-34 have attended at least one live music event over the last year.
  • 78% say that on an emotional scale of 1-10, live music is a solid 8.
  • Concerts and festivals were rated 26% higher than seeing a sporting event live.
  • Live music events were also rated 27% higher than streaming music and 31% higher than video games.

Again, you can find the full study here. Do with it what you will.



Alan Cross

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