London, Ontario Has a Rock Music Camp…Just for Girls!

Growing up in a relatively small town in the nineties and early-2000s, I had few options for town-run summer camps. These were limited to sports camp, swim camp, and art camp. By the time theatre camp was introduced, I was a year too old, but it was a big deal when I still made the cut-off for tennis camp. Privately run summer camps, such as through my martial arts club, were available, but were either limited to running one week per month or were too expensive.

Now, there is a wide variety of summer activities that kids can take part in. In addition to the basics, there’s also chef camp, ultimate sports camp, cycling camp, and, if you’re a girl between the ages of eight and 15 who lives in London, Ontario, rock camp. Rock music, that is.

Founded in 2011, the not-for-profit London Girls Rock Camp (LGRC) focuses on empowering young girls through rock music. It runs three times throughout the summer, two weeks in July, and a third week in August. The August camp is co-ed and for ages nine to 13.

In their announcement for this year’s camp, LGRC states that they are inclusive:

“As always London Girls Rock Camp is focused on empowerment, confidence building, friendship making and most importantly music loving. Led by a team of female musicians and industry contributors, LGRC is excited to share our program with the community. No musical experience necessary as we will be guiding campers through a series of workshops and classes.

“London Girls Rock Camp welcomes campers who self identify as female, trans and gender non conforming. LGRC is inclusive and will ensure all participants are safe and comfortable”.

For youth who want to take part in the camp, but are from low-income families, financial assistance is available. LGRC wants to ensure that everyone who wants to participate is able to.

To learn more about London Girls Rock Camp, or to sign up your own child, check out

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