Looking for an Alternative to Dropbox for Music Files? Try Byta

If you’re a musician and have been looking for an alternative to Dropbox, look no further than Byta. Since their launch in July 2015, Byta has been helping individual users who work with music send and receive digital audio in a clean and simple manner.

With generic file transfer services like WeTransfer or Hightail, there’s a lack of streaming links. A focus on monetization for Soundcloud has negatively impacted even their most basic features and ostracized core users. Due to this, emails are still flooded with links, requiring recipients to click many things just to listen or download. These problems have led to missed opportunities and music remaining unheard.

Byta aims to fix these problems and have introduced Artist Accounts. Testers for the Artists Accounts included people from all over the music industry: engineers, studios, artists, managers, indie and micro labels, and large labels. Byta’s Artist Account is also offered at a price point anyone can afford: $15 (or €15 or £10) per month.

Check out the website here and their blog here.

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