Looking Back on Record Store Day 2014: A Comprehensive Roundup of Related Stories

Here’s an aggregation of stories on the seventh annual edition of Record Store Day.

1.  First, we have this battle:

2.  In a fit of anthropology, the BBC has grouped vinyl collectors into eight tribes.  For the record (no puns, please), I seem to be a cross between The Nostalgic Collector and The Sighing Skeptic.

3.  Record Store Day seems to inspire a love-hate thing in some people.  This I totally understand.

4.  Record Store Day is a fantastic argument for why record labels still matter.

5. Here are some tweets from artists who were involved in RSD in some respect.

6. Just in case you’re wondering what vinyl everyone else is buying these days, here are the top 10 selling records from 2013 in the US.

7. One guy’s RSD was ruined by a grumpy old man.

8.  Jack White took the opportunity to set a world record for the fastest vinyl release.

9. Eighteen record stores you need to visit before you die. (Sadly, I’ve visited only two:  Rotate This and Ernest Tubbs.)

10. A photo gallery of record stores no one will ever be able to visit again.


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One thought on “Looking Back on Record Store Day 2014: A Comprehensive Roundup of Related Stories

  • April 21, 2014 at 10:19 am

    wow 150,000 records in garage i wonder if that is more then david marsden


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