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The Madness of Starting a Label That Issues Cassettes

I do NOT get it. Yet some people think that resurrecting the cassette is a brilliant idea. From Noisey/Vice.

Cassettes create a dividing line among music collectors. Some have a cultish love for the nostalgic appeal of physically sliding them into a tapedeck and hearing the clicking sound that comes with pushing down on the big play button. Others fail to see the point of keeping alive an otherwise obsolete format. But really, in a digital age where everything is instantly downloadable or streamable, does producing cassettes make any less sense than producing vinyl records, which saw a sales spike of 52 percent last year?

Which ever side you fall on that line, it’s undeniable that cassettes are having something of a comeback, or at bare minimum, they’ve become a fad. Cassettes are more commonplace on bands’ merch tables, labels like Burger Records are seemingly thriving with cassette releases, and there’s even a Cassette Store Day celebrating cassette culture.

Ian Graham is one of those people of the opinion that cassette culture deserves a rewind.

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5 thoughts on “The Madness of Starting a Label That Issues Cassettes

  • I thought part of the people of cassettes for labels & artists (although the label owner in the article doesn’t talk about this at all) is they live in a middle ground between digital and vinyl. They’re quick to produce and distribute, like digital, but give you an analog/tactile experience, like vinyl (which, with Record Day and over-booked vinyl plants, is becoming “corporatized”). The retro appeal is a bonus. Or at least that’s what I thought.

    • Yeah the Retro thing is even cool for some the teens/young adults.My daughter had my Beatles Comps o. Cassette and told me the fact that we had cassettes was a source of pride for her.

  • I never have gotten rid of them.Had a great Technics RS-TR 373
    that served me well until I tried out some cassettes that a friend had
    in his basement.blew an IC….
    Found an RS-TR255 that works great.Sometimes you can find
    some releases that were only on Vinyl and cassette and never made it to Vinyl.
    I believe people are finding themselves increasingly isolated In the digital age,and are looking for something substantial to hold on to.
    I still have my cassette from 92 of the Hips Fully Completely.
    Still sounds great.

  • I miss the cases. Can’t scrape your windshield with an iPhone or a cd jewel case.


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