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8 thoughts on “Marc Martel sounds JUST like Freddie Mercury. That’s a very good thing these days

  • THANK YOU for finally making mention of Marc Martel! Truly this guy is amazing. Adam Lambert may have the gig but Marc has the pipes (and looks if he kept the ‘stache).

  • Queen should get this guy to sing. He looks like he’d probably be a good performer as well. Does he also have a slight overbite? He just needs to grow his hair out a bit. I’ve seen Adam with Queen and Adam has a look but not very entertaining. Didn’t seem like he got into it very much.

  • While he is a very talented singer, he does not sound JUST like Freddie. I’ve been a Queen fan since 1975 and husband played this for me, blind. I immediately said “nope, not FM”

    • I agree Sue. He can imitate him but doesn’t have the rawness, power or emotion that Freddie was known for. This guy has a great voice for sure! but I don’t think there will ever be anyone that can reach the notes or tap into people’s emotions the way Freddie did.

  • Martel undoubtedly has a strong voice and does sound somewhat like Mercury.
    His voice was used in Bo-Rhap (the movie) to multilayer tracking with Malek & Mercury’s voices.
    Can he hold out as lead singer for Queen?
    Not in my opinion.
    It was Queen themselves that created the tribute band “Queen Extravaganza” and chose Martel as lead vocalist.
    Had they felt that he was a perfect fit, I’m sure that they would have asked him to take on the role.
    Queen + Paul Rodgers only lasted 3-4 years and it took Dr May & Mr Taylor 21 years to find someone with both a strong voice and the razzmatazz for which Mercury exuded.
    Everyone will have their own opinion.
    This is mine.

  • Martel is not only an excellent singer and artist but he has the charismatic potential to be the new lead singer for queen. With some professional training and chance I’m sure he will blow everyone away.

  • Martel sounds good but no way is he JUST like Freddie. Different nuances in his voice and even his register is higher. Nope.


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