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March Badness, Round One: Nickelback vs. Manowar. AND THE WINNER IS:


Voting is now closed in the first round of March Madness and the battle of Nickelback vs. Manowar was a little closer than a lot of people expected. With 241 people casting votes in this round, , Nickelback wins (loses?) with 57.7%. Manowar picked up 42.3%. Nickelback advances to the next round!



Round two: Limp Bizkit vs. The Casualties.

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In case you missed the set-up yesterday (Tuesday), we’ve created a bracket featuring what we believe to be the sixteen worst rock bands of all time. Only one can truly be the ultimate worst. But who will it be? That’s up to you.

This is the first battle in our NCAA-style competition–and we might as well see what happens to our first seed in round one.

Nickelback: They go through the motions of being a rock and roll band, and keep recording the same song over and over. Oh, and the lyrics could have been written by a caveman.


Manowar: There’s certainly a place for an epic feel and bombast in metal, but most listeners prefer it when it’s done well, not hilariously. Manowar sometimes sound like a bunch of guys loudly summarizing their favourite cut scenes from Lord of the Rings.

4 thoughts on “March Badness, Round One: Nickelback vs. Manowar. AND THE WINNER IS:

  • If one has to ask who is worse than Nickelback, one does not know how bad Nickelback actually is.

  • I plan on voting against Nickelback for this whole stupid March Badness. I don’t like Nickelback, but I think that they are unfairly the butt of most RnR jokes.

  • That description of Manowar is one of the most hilarious similes I’ve seen in ages! It almost makes up for the awfulness of the band itself. Almost.

  • I hope I Mother Earth make this bracket. Can’t think of anything worse…


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