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Marlowe & the MiX: Fun Family-Friendly Pop Music

Every parent chooses different times for their children to be fully exposed to mainstream music. For some, they don’t change their music-listening habits at all, while others would prefer more family-friendly music for their young children. Both parenting choices are valid, but for a long time, there hasn’t been much in the way of options for parents in the latter group.

Until now, that is. Eric Alper has let us know about a fantastic musician and Juno-nominee Marlowe & the MiX.

Alper notes that:

“In 2013, singer-songwriter Marlowe Stone and her amazing band of MiX KiDS changed the sound of family music with their groundbreaking debut, ONE DANCEFLOOR. Children around the globe fell in love with Marlowe & the MiX’s high-energy pop songs and live shows, encouraging them to move, groove & sing along. Award-winning singles like LIFE IS A ROLLERCOASTER allowed parents to crank up the pop music with 100% family-friendly lyrics. Aimed at kids 3-tween, Marlowe & the MiX successfully bridges the gap between traditional children’s music and Top-40 radio”.

According to Stone, a lot of families find themselves without family-friendly music once their children outgrow The Wiggles. She created Marlowe & the MiX to fill the gap with fun, family-friendly, Top-40 style music.

Marlowe & the MiX have been getting tons of positive reviews from critics and parents alike. The first single and title track for her latest album LiVE In COLOUR was awarded Best Children’s Song by the International Independent Music Awards. It’s easy to hear why, too, listening to the fun, upbeat song. The lyrics are clean, filled with positive messages, and the beat fits with current pop trends.

“It’s crystal clear that Marlowe & the MiX has been built on the premise of empowering kids to SHiNE,” Alper says. “Every fan in the audience is called an ALLSTAR and every live show is full of courageous MiX KiDS getting up on stage to sing or dance in the MiX PACK. It’s a safe, pop concert environment, with video screens, glow sticks and slick production numbers and the ALLSTARS are encouraged to MiX IT UP in the mini mosh pit!”

Check out Marlowe & the MiX’s website here.

You can listen to her fun music here.

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