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Martin Scorsese’s New HBO Project Will Be a Rock’n’Roll Drama Series

Martin Scorsese sat down with Mick Jagger. “I have an idea for new HBO series.”

“Aren’t you still doing Boardwalk Empire?”

“Don’t you watch TV? Nucky’s dead. The series is over. Time to move on. And now I want to do something about the record industry.”

“Well, like what?”

“We set it in the 1970s when rock was at its most decadent. Lots of sex and drugs and weirdness. Richie is the successful head of a record label—”

“What’s it called?”

“American Century Records. But then he has some kind of life crisis which sends him spinning off into oblivion.”

“This isn’t based on anyone we know, is it?”

“Maybe, but we can’t say. I’ll camouflage everything to keep the lawyers away. Anyway, Richie’s wife, an actress/model/New York scenester, is pissed off at Richie’s situation so she decides to go back to the life she led in the 1960s. And here’s the best part: I see Ray Romano playing the head of promotions for American Century.  He’s got connections that go deep into the mob. That’s where Corrado Galasso and Tony Del Creco.  Mob guys with hooks in the music industry. And then there’s Joe Corsco. His specialty is payola–which may or may not involve mob money.”

“There’s always gotta be a mob thing with you, doesn’t there, Marty?”

“Hey, it’s what I do. Speaking of payola, I got Andrew Dice Clay to play Buck Rogers. He runs a bunch of radio stations and does a lot of coke. A lot.”

“Inspired casting. Is he based on a real person?”

“One person? No. A dozen? Maybe. Then we have an ambitious and gorgeous female A&R assistant, a punk band called the Nasty Bits and a whole cast of peripheral shady characters to round things out.”

“Sounds good. What do you need from me?”

“Money. You’ll be an executive producer and consultant.”

“Well, I’ve got money–and I do fancy myself as being something of a mogul. But about the consulting part…”


“Can we get Keef on board? He was far more decadent that me.”


“What’s it called?”

“No idea yet. But HBO is in.”

“So am I. When do we start?”

“Now. I want this on the air in 2015.”

(Via IndieWire)

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