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Matty Healy’s domino effect after trumpeting the singular greatness of The 1975.

Matty Healy of The 1975 gave an interview to Billboard magazine recently that’s elicited a bit of a response.

Amidst the drug addiction revelations, Mr. Healy seems to throw a shovelful of dirt towards rock’s impending grave while elevating whatever it is their outspoken mouthpiece is classifying The 1975 as:

“There are no big bands who are doing anything as interesting as us right now,” he says, using the top of the bill at Britain’s Reading Festival as an example. “Tell me dudes with guitars who are more relevant to do that slot,” he asks, not expecting an answer.

Considering the bold font bands at this year’s RandL include Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco and Kings of Leon, Healy may actually have a point here but the Internet (as it is wont to do), took offense at his statement. Cage the Elephant’s Twitter account in particular got its proverbial back up against the wall over Healy’s disingenuous claim.

I’m not sure how much this qualifies as “interesting” or is just a cheap segue, but Vampire Weekend used their Lollapalooza headlining appearance (opposite The Weeknd in a cute move by organizers) to announce album number four is on the way. They also opened by playing “A-Punk” from their S/T debut three consecutive times. I can’t think of a band of any stature trying to pull off something such as that, let alone at an event as high-profile as Lollapalooza. I couldn’t help think of the hilarious, musically-related “The Salt and Pepper Diner” bit from Chicago-born comedian John Mulaney…


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One thought on “Matty Healy’s domino effect after trumpeting the singular greatness of The 1975.

  • Cage the Elephant has a good song that was on a video game but they aren’t a Big Band.


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