Maybe we’re not spending as much time on social media as we thought.

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Five minutes doesn’t sound like much but according to data research, that’s the amount of usage time social media users have shaved off. As of October 2023, the average user clocked two hours and 24 minutes each day, which is five minutes less than last year. Woo!

Since 2022 about 215 million people have joined social media platforms so says the Data Reportal Digital 2023 Global Statshot Report, a 4.5% increase year-over-year.

With the reported 5.3 billion people worldwide using online social media platforms, TikTok remains the most used outlet with the monthly usage time averaging a little over 33 hours or 10 hours more than last year, YouTube takes second place with 27 hours and 26 minutes, and  although its monthly usage time fell, the third most used in 2023 was Facebook.

Instagram saw an uptick in clicks as their usage time increased by almost four hours, bringing their average up to 15 hours and 50 minutes per month, 4th place never looked so good!

Twitter came in 5th place with four hours and 52 minutes, almost half an hour less than the previous year.

According to study findings, Nigerians spend the most time on social media platforms, with a daily three hours and 49 minutes of average usage time, only five minutes less than that are Brazilians and Kenya, the Philippines and South Africa clock about three and a half hours each.

As of October 2023, Japan seems to be the least interested in social media as their average is only 49 minutes daily! They win for shortest time spent on social media daily, the only nation spending less than an hour!

“Americans stand close to the world`s average, with two hours and 15 minutes spent on social media each day. Britons spend almost half an hour less than that, ranking somewhere in the middle of this list.” Says Jastra Kranjec.

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