Meanwhile, In the World of Iggy Pop

Iggy was in the UK recently to deliver the fourth annual John Peel Lecture and Professor Pop chose to speak on the subject of “free music in a capitalist society.”  He had some interesting things to say before and after his address:

On U2’s Songs of Innocence release:

“The people who don’t want the free U2 download are trying to say, don’t try to force me. And they’ve got a point. Part of the process when you buy something from an artist, it’s a kind of anointing, you are giving people love. It’s your choice to give or withhold. You are giving a lot of yourself, besides the money. But in this particular case, without the convention, maybe some people felt like they were robbed of that chance, and they have a point.” (The NME)

On the state of his record sales:

“If I had to depend on what I actually get from sales I’d be tending bars between sets.” (The NME)

On the music business being bad for artists:

“I don’t think that the music business is always good for artists. I don’t think that the glorification of the music business is always really truly good for artist. It’s been good for… wouldn’t you say that it’s been good for Simon Cowell?”Well, how much do you think he’s doing for the artists? Do you see what I’m saying?” (The Telegraph)

Finally, The Telegraph offers this collection of memorable quotes from the Igster from years past.

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