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Membran Entertainment Looking to Battle Bots with Blockchain

Meet Membran Entertainment, a Canadian branch of the Hamburg, Germany-based Membran Entertainment Group. The parent company started in 1969 and provides services to labels and musicians, working with Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, Joss Stone, Gregory Porter, Grammy winner Jacob Collier and all artists on Steel Wool Records.

The company’s overall goal is to have flexible, adaptable agreements in place that gets the artist the best possible deal on an a la carte menu of options for their work, including physical and digital distribution of their music, release coordination, press and marketing work and other services, according to Dino Celotti, president of Membran Entertainment Canada Ltd.

Celotti opened the Canadian office of Membran Entertainment in 2016 as a way to help promote Canadian artists who he felt were being “underserved and under recognized on the international scale” and he wanted to provide a more direct way to distribute and share their music internationally. Additionally, he wanted to access the creative minds already involved in music and technology in Canada and see how they can all work together to use blockchain and smart contracts to try and solve some of the industry’s notable problems while also putting more money directly into the artists’ hands.

Blockchain is a relatively new concept, Celotti stressed. We couldn’t know that the onset of the internet would bring us Amazon, for example, and in many ways there’s no telling what and how blockchain can and will be used going forward, he said. But there’s great potential in the technology and the very concept to revamp what most believe are flawed systems, both ticketing and the music industry’s distribution models as they currently stand.

“And that’s what is interesting,” he said. “There are so many new possibilities afforded by the blockchain that it feels like a melting pot of ideas and opportunities. So many industries that we take as ‘normal’ today will be disrupted by this technology, anywhere that assets or information are transferred can be reinvented in better, cheaper, safer ways thanks to current innovations being built on top of blockchain technologies.”

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