Meme Scores After Pence Hamilton Moment

You had to know a Trump presidency would bring a near endless supply of memes. Even before taking office the fun has already begun. In case you missed the story of Vice-President elect Mike Pence’s visit to the wildly successful show “Hamilton”, check it out here.

Naturally, the internet quick dove in with the hashtag #nameapencemusical. Here’s a few examples:

Hitler on the Roof
The Color White
Little White House of Horrors
Gay Miserables
Fiddler On The Truth
The Grand Wizard of Oz
The Lyin’ King
Hedwig and the Angry Lynch Mob
Thoroughly Modern Misogynist
Don’t’ Dream Girls!
Annie Get Your IUD
The Book of Moron
Pride and a Whole Bunch of Prejudice
Grand Trump Hotel
Bye, Bye Beyonce
The Scottsboro Boys are Back
No Sound of Music
Pal Putin
Grab My Fair Lady in the Pussy
A Racist in the Sun
Rent: But Not to Those People
Deporting Miss Saigon
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Muslim Registry
How to Succeed in Politics Without Being Qualified
Annie Get You Gun Without A Background Check
You’re a Good Man Charlie, but You’re Brown.

Feel free to share your best versions in the comments!

Larry Lootsteen

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One thought on “Meme Scores After Pence Hamilton Moment

  • November 21, 2016 at 10:01 am

    Guess Who’s Coming to Hitler?


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