Metalheads, Kitty Cats, and the Colouring Book You Didn’t Know You Needed

Nothing screams heavy metal lover more than jean jackets, gutteral screaming, and adoring cute kitties, right? Apparently that’s the dynamic discovered by photographer Alexandra Crockett while doing promotional shoots in the Bay Area. After shooting her friends and local bands, she had the bright idea to highlight the more human side of the metal scene while raising money for local no-kill shelters. Three years ago that project became her book Metal Cats, and now a colouring book accompaniment is on its way!

Called Metal Cats Colouring Book (what else?), the activity pages turn Crockett’s photos into fill-in-the-blank original drawings by illustrator Chuck Gonzales. The book features cats and their humans from bands like Black Goat, Lightning Swords of Death, Harassor, Holy Grail, Cattle Decapitation, Morbid Angel, Municipal Waste, Napalm Death, and many more.

The pairing may seem ridiculous, but who can resist a cute kitty? Not even metalheads, that’s for sure! Plus putting colouring and cats together is the perfect way to de-stress – essential for any Satan-worshipping, headbanging heavy fan. Metal Cats Colouring Book is set to release in July of this year, so stock up on crayons now. You can also find a preview of some of the book’s pages at this website if you’re feeling curious.

Mathew Kahansky

Once upon a time, Mat studied journalism. That's how he became Alan's one-time intern and current-time contributor, and the rest is ongoing history - get it? Mat also studied biology and music, so he has a strangely specific knowledge set that doesn't really apply anywhere other than useless fun facts. He currently works for a music tech start-up in Halifax, and is a big fan of the em dash.

One thought on “Metalheads, Kitty Cats, and the Colouring Book You Didn’t Know You Needed

  • May 8, 2017 at 6:30 am

    Love that photograph! So charming ;). Cats can definitely make even heavy metal better!


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