Of Mice & Men Surprise Teenage Fan with Cancer

In January, a 14-year-old named Cassy was told she had maybe six months left to live. The teen was diagnosed two years ago with terminal brain cancer. Of Mice & Men surprised Cassy, a fan of the Orange County metalcore band, by featuring her on their new album.

The album includes a recording of Cassy clapping to the beat of one of their new songs. Of Mice & Men also let the young fan be the first one to hear the full release.

On the band’s Instagram, they stated:

“Today will forever be engraved as a very special day in our hearts. A precious, strong and defiant young lady named Cassy walked into our lives and forever changed them.

“The relationship and history between Cassy, Austin Carlile and the band has been a rich one over the years. Today was a much needed day for Cassy, her mom, cousin and family, as was it for all involved.

“Today was a day to forget all the stresses and problems of the world and to be surrounded by nothing but pure love, happiness and joy. Today Cassy was disease-free – today Cassy was ‘living the dream.'”

Of Mice & Men recently released a live video for “Feels Like Forever”, a track from their upcoming Live at Brixton. The album will be released on May 27 and available for pre-order.

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