Miss air travel? Here’s a selection of the best boarding music in the world

The bad dreams started when the planes disappeared.

I live under the flightpath of aircraft landing at YYZ. There are times during the day when I can watch a parade of planes from all over the world heading SW at about 5,000 feet before they make a 180-degree turn for final approach into Pearson.

Some in the neighbourhood don’t like the noise. Me, I love it. Somehow the jets overhead keep me in touch with the wider world out there. I’ll often sit in the backyard trying to make out the liveries. When that doesn’t work, I have all manner of ATC apps on my laptop, iPad and iPhone. (Hint: If you have an iPhone, ask Siri “What planes are flying overhead” and see what happens.)

But back to the bad dreams. In a normal year, I’d put about 100,000 miles in the sky, flying to points all over the planet. Now, though, I can’t even make a weekend trip out to see my aged parents in Winnipeg. The result has been nightmares involving air travel: missing flights, an inability to find the right gate, denied boarding, hideous seat assignments, and so on.

They all stem from the same thing: A frustration over not being able to travel for…well, who knows for how long?

I even missing the boarding music airlines play as we struggle to find space in the overhead bins. I associate that music with the anticipation of the flight and the things that lie at the other end.

This brings me to a post at One Mile at a Time, a travel site that covers how to get the best upgrades. They’ve collected the best boarding music from the world’s airlines that we can listen to at home.

Here’s a sample.

More here.

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