Miss the KISS 2020 Goodbye concert? Check it out here.

KISS performed an insanely big New Year’s Eve show in Dubai, one that set at least two world records. First, they set out to detonate more pyro than any concert in history. Second, they wanted to have the world’s highest-grossing pay-per-view rock event. That’s why they invited the Guinness Book of World Records to the gig.

They definitely nailed the pyro part. KISS set the record for “highest flame projection in a music concert.” At one point in the gig, a flame shot up 35 metres. They also set the record for “the most simultaneous flame projections” with a grand total of 73. That’s a LOT of fire.

As for the PPV record, we’re still not sure. The current record is US$10.4 million. However, the estimates to stage the show hovered around US$10 million (one-tenth of which went to securing enough pyro), meaning that profits might not be that great.

KISS has to censor some of their lyrics along with Gene’s blood theatrics to avoid running afoul of the UAE’s strict censorship laws. For example, “virgin soul” was deleted from “God of Thunder” in favour of “sacred soul.”

Here’s a look at the whole gig. The pyro fun starts about ten minutes from the end. (Via Bobby)

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