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More Elon Musk/Twitter sh*tshowiness, Wednesday edition

The hits just keep on coming. How long can this car accident keep happening? It seems self-perpetuating.

Would you let him test a brain implant on you?

Yes, an Elon Musk brain implant. In humans. And not approved by any regulatory body. What could possibly go wrong? Well, if you’re a test monkey, plenty.

Here come more ex-employee lawsuits

This is going to provide work for many lawyers for a very long time. Meanwhile, the company’s general counsel is one of the people who left/was fired.

White supremacists seem to be cool with advertising on Twitter.

Oh, dear, dear, dear…

Twitter bedrooms?

Elon installed places for employees to sleep their allotted two minutes a day. And there’s a problem.

Want a summary of this dumpster fire? Watch this.

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6 thoughts on “More Elon Musk/Twitter sh*tshowiness, Wednesday edition

  • Fwiw I really enjoy and appreciate these updates. They’re more extensive than what I stumble across on my own.

    To the guy whining a day or two ago, along the lines of, “what does this have to do with music?” come on, Twitter was the most direct connection most of us had with these celebrities.

    • Frankly I have listened to Alan Cross for decades but now that he has declared woke war on twitter of all things I’m an eye link from deleting the newsletter, did you ever think it was a good place?, was it the centre of excellence? No it was the centre of left wing propaganda
      I support what Musk is doing but it will take time, we need something resembling centre

        • I have family that are ECSTASTIC with (the narrative of) what Elon is doing. It’s a f**king cult.

          (And they would accuse me of being in a leftie cult for disagreeing.)

          Great times.

      • Keep simping for the billionaire. Elon TRULY has your best interests at heart.

        Look, I used to consider myself right/centre … but those “values” don’t hold up to much scrutiny. You should probably take a deep breath and figure out why you subscribe to an ideology which does literally nothing to help YOU and is just unkind and @#$%&! to everyone that isn’t exceptionally wealthy.

        The average person doesn’t get to throw $43 billion dollars at something that irks them. Nothing Elon does is for your benefit.

      • Just because Alan disagrees with what Elon is doing makes him “woke”? Are Tesla shareholders starting a “woke war” with Elon by tanking Tesla’s share price?


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