More Indications from Apple That They Want iOS in the Car–Badly

During yesterday’s the earnings call with analysts, Apple CEO Tim Cook said this:  “Having something in the automobile is very important.  It’s something people want.”  He also noted that iOS in the car was a “key focus” for the company.

We already know that Apple has struck deals with Acura, Honda, Nissan, Infiniti, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes, Volvo, Chevrolet, Opel, Jaguar and even Ferarri to do something.  But what? We’ll probably find out later this year when iOS is officially released.

And I gotta be honest:  if I could seamlessly integrate my iPhone with whatever’s in the dash, that would be a big, big factor in my decision to buy a particular make and model.

(Via Mac Rumours)


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2 thoughts on “More Indications from Apple That They Want iOS in the Car–Badly

  • If Apple is running iOS in a car, you can be guaranteed that car is off my list. I absolutely loathe the company and how they herd people like sheep to marginally improved versions of the same product year after year.. They are definitely successful, but they are not Gods.
    I do not own an iPhone, iPod, iPad or any other Apple product, so why would I want my car to force me to have an Apple device for the sake of compatibility.
    iOS in my car? No thanks.

  • I wonder why manufacturers haven't jumped on this before.

    I'm not an Apple sheep, but I do love my iPod Classic, and I am very happy that I picked up an iPad.

    I don't live and breathe Apple, nor do I think they're the be all end all for electronics. I do not blindly buy anything with an Apple logo. I think the iPhone is terrible, and Think that Steve Jobs was a bit of a dick who was no different than any other CEO.


    I for one would love to see a manufacturer release a vehicle that comes with an iPad. The iPad would mount in the dash and replace the centre stack. All audio and hvac controls are now operated through the iPad. Audio, navigation, vehicle diagnostics, on board trip computer functions, climate control, heated seats…everything controlled through one simple interface.


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