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More Joy Division Reissues? Yes, Please

As of today, Joy Division singer Ian Curtis has been gone for 35 years. He hanged himself in his kitchen in the early morning hours of Monday, May 18, 1980. Now you know why New Order called that song “Blue Monday” (and why the Happy Mondays chose that name).

The fascination with Joy Division seems to be immortal. Why else would the band’s studio albums and compilations be coming out on 180-gram vinyl this summer?

Rhino Records wants us to remember a couple of dates. On June 28, new editions of Unknown Pleasures and Closer will be available. Each is a painstakingly recreated replica of the original albums that were released in 1979 and 1980.

Unknown Pleasures

Side A

1.    “Disorder”

2.    “Day of the Lords”

3.    “Candidate”

4.    “Insight”

5.    “New Dawn Fades”

Side B

1.    “She’s Lost Control”

2.    “Shadowplay”

3.    “Wilderness”

4.    “Interzone”

5.    “I Remember Nothing”


Side A

1.    “Atrocity Exhibition”

2.    “Isolation”

3.    “Passover”

4.    “Colony”

5.    “A Means to an End”

Side B    

1.    “Heart and Soul”

2.    “Twenty Four Hours”

3.    “The Eternal”

4.    “Decades”

Then on July 24, we’ll get Still and an expanded version of Substance. Note the added tracks on Substance: the non-album singles, “Transmission” and “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and a couple of live recordings, “Disorder” and the only performance of “Ceremony.”  Substance will also receive a 19-track CD release the same day).

Still (2LP)

Side A

1.    “Exercise One”

2.    “Ice Age”

3.    “The Sound of Music”

4.    “Glass”

5.    “The Only Mistake”

Side C

1.    “Ceremony”

2.    “Shadowplay”

3.    “Means to an End”

4.    “Passover”

5.    “New Dawn Fades”

6.    “Twenty Four Hours”

Side B    

1.    “Walked in Line”

2.    “The Kill”

3.    “Something Must Break”

4.    “Dead Souls”

5.    “Sister Ray”

Side D    

1.    “Transmission”

2.    “Disorder”

3.    “Isolation”

4.    “Decades”

5.    “Digital”

Substance (1CD and 2LP Track Listing)

1.    “Warsaw”

2.    “Leaders Of Men”

3.    “Digital”

4.    “Autosuggestion”

5.    “Transmission”

6.    “She’s Lost Control”

7.    “Incubation”

8.    “Dead Souls”

9.    “Atmosphere”

10.    “Love Will Tear Us Apart”

11.    “No Love Lost”

12.    “Failures”

13.    “Glass”

14.    “From Safety To Where”

15.    “Novelty”

16.    “Komakino”

17.    “As You Said”

18.    “These Days”

19.    “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (Pennine Version)

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