More Music From The Inbox 04 Apr 2018 Emergency Tiara, 7 Minute Martians, Shook Twins and More!

Artist: Emergency Tiara, “Explode”

Album: N/A

Great stuff out of New York

Sounds like:  you know it’s coming


Artist: 7 Minute Martians, “Smoked Out”

Album: Curious

Loving the sound of this Cincinnati band

Sounds like:  A bit of Simple Plan with a little bit more


Artist: Shook Twins, “Shake”  

Album: 2

Interesting and innovative sounds out of Portland

Sounds like:  trying and trying again


Artist: Frog Eyes, “Idea Man”

Album: Violet Psalms

From the final album for this Vancouver staple

Sounds like:  we all know one


Artist: Spector, “Fine Not Fine”

Album: Ex-Directory

This London band makes me very happy

Sounds like:  life and what it feels like so much


Artist: Protosequence, “The Hate Subsides”

Album: Biophagous

Edmonton, Alberta is home to this hard driving band

Sounds like:  time passing and getting real


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