September 26, 2023
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More Music From The Inbox 04 December 2013 Part 1: Ellow, Bestie, Lina Fouro and More!

By: Larry Lootsteen

Artist: Ellow, “Lady Irony”  

Album: N/A 


This Netherlands-based band is strange.  Weird.  Different.  And ummm, not sure what else to say!

Sounds like:  I’m stoned.  At the carnival.  Yeah, that’s it!


Artist: Bestie, “Asleep On The Bus” 

Album: N/A 


I am really loving the sounds from this Vancouver band.

Sounds like:  Rock-punk-pop


Artist: Lina Fouro, “Boom”

Album: N/A


Intriguing sounds emanating from the metropolis of Toronto.

Sounds like:  Pop but not…a little alt edge in there





Artist: Laura Fernandez, “Mi Amor”

Album: N/A


Another Toronto artist, originally from Spain and recent selection as a Steinway Artist (one of only 20 in Canada)

Sounds like:  Sunset, dancing on the beach


Artist: Scott Lloyd, “Streets Are Colours”

Album: Long Live You


Manchester singer-songwriter with some great acoustics

Sounds like:  That’s Entertainment off the top


Artist: They Came To A City, “Disguise”

Album: Living In The Living Room


Some lovely sounds coming from these boys of Londontown

Sounds like:  Serious and beautiful angst


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