More Music From The Inbox, 1 Apr 2015: The Church, Needs, Sky White Tiger and More!

Artist: The Church, “Vanishing Man”

Album: Further/Deeper

The Church

Any child of the alternate/new wave era will recall this giants. New album, great sound.

Sounds like: That darkness that invades our thoughts and dreams


Artist: Needs, “The Only Good Condo Is A Dead Condo”  

Album: Needs


Fantastic Vancouver band, self-titled album out May 12th.

Sounds like: A strike out at suburbia!


Artist: Sky White Tiger, “Don’t Matter Much”

Album: Child of Fire

Sky White Tiger

Out of Brooklyn and telling stories.

Sounds like: Contemplating, considering…


Artist: Jackson Scott, “Pacify”

Album: Sunshine Redux

Jackson Scott

Love the stuff coming from the North Carolina musician.

Sounds like: A confluence of noise and sound


Artist: Viper Solfa, “Carving an Icon”

Album: Carving an Icon

Viper Solfa

Self-described ‘poison music’ out of Norway

Sounds like: Dark, brooding explosion


Artist: Kiske/Somerville, “Walk On Water”

Album: City of Heroes

Kiske Somerville

Interesting Flint, Michigan/Hamburg, Germany mix!

Sounds like: A bit of Evanescence but different


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