More Music From The Inbox 1 Jul 2015 San Fermin, Fort Lean, Jakob Snake and More!

Artist: San Fermin, “Emily”

Album: Jackrabbit

San Fermin

Great band out of Brooklyn

Sounds like: A bit of The National vibe but different


Artist: Fort Lean, “Cut To The Chase”  

Album: Quiet Day

Fort Lean

Another Brooklyn band building as they go.

Sounds like: Trying to make sense of it


Artist: Jakob Snake, “Tremendous”

Album: N/A

Jakob Snake

Inspiring music out of Cape Town, South Africa

Sounds like: A meld of styles and times


Artist: Zaki Ibrahim, “Draw The Line”

Album: N/A

Zaki Ibrahim

Another fantastic South African artist.

Sounds like: Bit of a Zooropa opening moving into much more


Artist: Night Dials, “Tears”

Album: I’ve Done More Things

Night Dials

Great psychedelic band out of London.

Sounds like: 60’s meets tomorrow


Artist: Future Death, “Familiar Tremors”

Album: Cryptid

Future Death

Insane band out of Austin, Texas!

Sounds like: That moment when you just start to lose it.


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