More Music From The Inbox 10 Oct 2018 Slow Readers Club, Talking Violet, Echo November and More!

Artist: Slow Readers Club, “Supernatural”  

Album: Observe

Great acoustic release from a favourite band out of the UK

Sounds like:  funky feelings


Artist: Talking Violet, “Sparjammer 67”

Album: Round Dreams

Loving the dream sounds from this Windsor, Ontario band

Sounds like:  psychedelic swirls


Artist: Echo November, “Thrown To The Sea”

Album: N/A

Intrigue from this UK band

Sounds like:  noisy and danceable


Artist: Phildel, “The Deep”

Album: N/A

UK artist with her first release in 5 years

Sounds like:  looking deeper


Artist: Timber, “Sunstroke”  

Album: The Family

Beautiful sounds out of Birmingham, Alabama

Sounds like:  a dizzying feeling


Artist: Maggie Pope, “Rare & Wild”

Album: N/A

Honest sounds and vibes out of Philadelphia

Sounds like:  looking at life and really seeing it


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