More Music From The Inbox 11 Apr 2018 Dead Meadow, The Sidekicks, Lo Moon and More!

Artist: Dead Meadow, “Here With The Hawk”

Album: The Nothing They Need

Brilliance out of L.A.

Sounds like:  Hazy, crazy fun


Artist: The Sidekicks, “Twins Twist”

Album: Happiness Hours

Loving the sound of this Ohio band

Sounds like:  memories of youth and summer


Artist: Lo Moon, “My Money”  

Album: Lo Moon

This California band is bringing it

Sounds like:  a bit of a jazzy flow


Artist: Brooke Annabale, “Hold On”

Album: Hold To The Light

An intriguing voice out of Pittsburgh

Sounds like:  somewhere we’ve all been


Artist: Absofacto, “Dissolve”

Album: Thousand Peaces

Michigan is home to this talented songwriter and producer

Sounds like:  a springy look at love


Artist: Quiet Slang, “Dirty Cigarettes”

Album: Everything Matters But No One Is Listening

Philadelphia based and going in a different direction from Beach Slang

Sounds like:  a good description of the world today


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