More Music From The Inbox, 11 Mar 2015: Dawn Golden, Why We Run, Dirty Cakes and More!


Artist: Dawn Golden, “Discoloration”

Album: Still Life

Dawn Golden

Out of Chicago, I heard this on a recent episode of Shameless and loved it.

Sounds like: The confusion that swirls the emotions


Artist: Why We Run, “Comfortable Lie”  

Album: N/A

Why We Run

Great song and video from this Sydney, Australia group.

Sounds like: All too easy and not even close


Artist: Dirty Cakes, “Kill, Kill, Fuck”

Album: N/A

Dirty Cakes Band

A little punk fun from this Los Angeles outfit! I couldn’t resist!

Sounds like: My mood


Artist: As Elephants Are, “Crown”

Album: Crown

As Elephants Are

Out of the UK and bringing intriguing sounds.

Sounds like: A little alt-pop sensability


Artist: Coasts, “A Rush of Blood”

Album: A Rush of Blood


Great music from this very popular London outfit

Sounds like: Something you can just feel


Artist: Maudlin Strangers, “Overdose”

Album: Overdose

Maudlin Strangers

Loving the sound of this California band.

Sounds like: On the edge of too far


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