More Music From The Inbox 12 Sept 2018 Sun-El, Big Red Machine, The Radio Dept and More!

Artist: Sun-El Musician, “The Wave”  

Album: Africa To The World

Beat brilliance out of KwaZulu Natal

Sounds like:  it’s building


Artist: Big Red Machine, “Air Stryp”

Album: Big Red Machine

A side project from Aaron Dessner and Justin Vernon

Sounds like:  digital flight


Artist: The Radio Dept., “Going Down Swinging”

Album: N/A

Timely stuff from a recent years favourite

Sounds like:  the politics of shoegaze


Artist: Villagers, “A Trick of the Light”

Album: Fool

Ireland is home to this awesome talent

Sounds like:  slow, low jam


Artist: Thus Owls, “Future/Past”  

Album: The Mountain That We Live Upon

More to come from this Sweden/Canada connection

Sounds like:  looking both ways before crossing time


Artist: Foxhole, “After The Walk”

Album: Well Kept Thing

Back with new tunes after a dozen year hiatus

Sounds like:  stories to tell


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