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One of my favourite lyrics comes from “The Beat Goes On/Switchin’ to Glide” by the Kings:

Nothin’ matters but the weekend/From a Tuesday point of view

Seriously.  How could anyone disagree with that?

With that in mind, let’s try to forget that it’s still three days from Friday night with a few new tunes from Evans Blue, 20 Amp Soundchild, The Foreign Films, Total Slacker and Midnight Conspiracy, all filtered through by correspondent Juliette Jagger.  


Artist:  Evans Blue “This Time Its Different”

Album: TBA

Even though the intro of this song sounds questionably familiar, it’s been a while since I’ve heard a solid hard rock song I instinctively want to groove my head to.

Sounds like: a rock radio hit baby.



Artist: 20 Amp Soundchild “Naked Silhouettes”

Album: The Others 

Great song, great melody, great harmonies, lame video.

Sounds like: Indie rock Brandon Boyd 



Artist:  Bill Majoros as The Foreign Films “Night Without The Day / Glitter”

Album: 2 part single


Bill Majoros, who goes by The Foreign Films, has put together a 2 part single with really interesting arrangements and full, exciting, string instrumentation.

Sounds like: Something inspired by the film score for an orchestral action adventure and The Beatles circa Eleanor Rigby. 



Artist:  Total Slacker “Secret VHS Collection”

Album: Thrashin’ 

This is a simple but badass video. It’s a glimpse into a strange subgenre oddball aesthetic, and I can appreciate any indie band that takes the time to come up with a really cool visually appealing concept to compliment their songs. 

Sounds like: new age, indie, experimental rock



Artist: Midnight Conspiracy “Discord” (Tolgar Remix)

Album: Single

This is a seriously intense remix. It’s huge and completely hard-hitting but has these perfect peeks and moments of descent.

 Sounds like: a shot of adrenalin pumping through your veins 


Midnight Conspiracy – Discord (Tolgar Remix) *FREE Download* by Midnight Conspiracy

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