More Music from the Inbox, 13 January 2013: Abriosis, Total Warr, Hawk and Dove, Cat Doorman and Edge of Attack

In keeping with a New Year’s resolution to recommended as music music as possible, I’m trying to move to a three-times-a-week schedule augmented with the weekly Top 11 list.  Here’s the latest batch of final judgements from Scott Jones. – AC

Artist: Abriosis

Album: Vessel

There are many elements to the terms “progressive metal” and “technical death metal” that seem to often go hand in hand, such as rapid-fire blast beats, low, guttural growling, and stop-on-a-dime time changes.  Abriosis has all of these in spades. But don’t be fooled: They aren’t angry; they just want to rip your ears off.

Sounds like: Quebecers Cryptopsy and Gorguts take a trip to the West Coast, where they meet Devin Townsend and run amok in the streets of Vancouver.

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Artist: Total Warr

Album: Loisy

Despite the heavy and omnipresent backbeat, the guest vocals contributed by Johnny Siera seem to command a lot of the attention. They sound as if they can match either fast or slow tempos, which make the job of the DJ programming the drum machine that much easier. Plus, the bopping beat with chiming guitars all around make it a lot of fun.

Sounds like: A stereo-panning techno-cluster Saturday morning in the early ‘90s cartoon jam full of happiness and candy.

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Artist: Hawk and Dove

Album: This Yesterday Will Never End

The indie genre has come so far from the days where instruments were minimal and the overall soundscape wasn’t nearly as dynamic as the last decade has proved to be. Hawk and Dove are no exception to its progress. This band meanders through subconscious, intergalactic pathways where the destination is unknown. There’s no need to bring a flashlight on your trip, though. It’s very bright.

Sounds like: Elliott Smith singing The Flaming Lips without a road map.

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Artist: Cat Doorman

Album: Cat Doorman Songbook

Are your children secretly longing to learn a cornucopia, a plethora, a surplus if you will, of new words?  Well, Juliana Bright, aka Cat Doorman will certainly be able to assist your offspring in enriching their vocabulary while simultaneously engaged in the magnificent melodies and peppy percussion of Bright’s latest work aimed at youngsters who just wanna rock!  You also might want to pay close attention to the lyrics; your vocabulary may be enriched as well.

Sounds like: Folksy power-pop designed to help the elementary set grow up even faster.

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Artist: Edge of Attack

Album: Self-titled

The woods of Northern Alberta just got even colder.  Edge of Attack tips their cap to legendary power metal like Blind Guardian and Iced Earth, with modern additions of metalcore such as All That Remains and Protest the Hero. The symphonic elements, reminiscent of DragonForce, add to the chill of this prairie collective.

Sounds like: Battling a big grizzly bear in a blizzard with power chords.

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