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More Music From The Inbox 13 Jun 2018 The Charlatans, USS, Interpol and More!

Artist: The Charlatans, “Standing Alone”

Album: Totally Eclipsing

If you don’t know this UK wonder, where have you been hiding?

Sounds like:  comfort food


Artist: USS, “Medicine”

Album: N/A

A perpetual favourite you all know and love

Sounds like:  new and unique


Artist: Interpol, “The Rover”

Album: Marauder

I’ve been following this NYC band for years.  They never disappoint.

Sounds like:  the beginning of the story


Artist: Becoming Bristol, “Sort Myself Out”  

Album: N/A

Love the sound from this Seattle band

Sounds like:  taking a hard look inside


Artist: YesDragon, “Treats”

Album: 9 Horses

Great Scottish band catching my ear today

Sounds like:  bizarre grunge meets hip hop that works


Artist: Flux Velociraptor, “Bono and the Edge”

Album: Velociraptor Attractor

Another Scottish delight!

Sounds like:  intrigue all around


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