More Music From The Inbox 13 May 2015 Acquaintance, [email protected], Cotton Claw and More!

Artist: Acquaintance, “Miles Apart”

Album: Beyond The Pale


This band is local to me out of Kitchener, Ontario and has members from Pilot Speed and Vacuity (both of whom I loved).

Sounds like: The strain we all know


Artist: [email protected], “Kairos”  

Album: [email protected]


Fantastic digital artist from Shanghai.

Sounds like: Cosmic music


Artist: Cotton Claw, “Grainy”

Album: Volutes

Cotton Claw

A conglomerate of four producers out of France who perform everything live!

Sounds like: Following the road, wherever it goes


Artist: Mothxr, “Centerfold”

Album: Kitsune America 4


Beautiful sounds out of New York City

Sounds like: an unfolding story


Artist: Ben Carrigan, “The Sweetest Stories (ft Thom Cross)”

Album: N/A

Ben Carrigan

Very talented artist out of Dublin, Ireland

Sounds like: Exactly what you’d expect from this guy!


Artist: Scarlette, “Boy and Girl”

Album: N/A


Such a beautiful voice out of the UK

Sounds like: A pure feeling


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