More Music From The Inbox 13 Nov 2013 Gandalph’s Fist, My Midnight Heart, Hamish Anderson and More!

By: Larry Lootsteen

Artist: Gandalf’s Fist, “The Nine Billion Names of God”  

Album: A Day In The Life of a Universal Wanderer 


This Cumbria based band caught my ear as something covering multiple decades but their own vision as well.

Sounds like:  A beautiful mess of new classic rock


Artist: My Midnight Heart, “Chest of Hearts” 

Album: N/A 


A fantastic voice coming out of Brooklyn!

Sounds like:  Kate Bush meets Adele


Artist: Hamish Anderson, “Howl”

Album: Hamish Anderson


Hailing from Melborne, Australia this one is bring the sound and the fury.

Sounds like:  I feel when everything is going wrong.


Artist: Evan 0nly, “No Matter What”

Album: No Matter What


New York based has his debut EP out in early 2014

Sounds like:  Alternative 80’s pop


Artist: Jus Post Bellum, “Gimme That Gun”

Album: Oh July


Another Brooklyn band self-described as inspired by the music of the civil war

Sounds like:  Marching through hell, wishing for peace


Artist: Haerts, “Hemiplegia”

Album: Hemiplegia


Out of Brooklyn but originally from Germany, this pair really is special

Sounds like:  Alt-pop with a twist


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