More Music From The Inbox 14 Apr 2015 Laila Biali, Tyler Farr, Banditos and More!

Artist: Laila Biali, “Little Bird”

Album: House of Many Rooms

Laila Biali

Working out of Brooklyn, Toronto and Vancouver, this artist has a beautiful voice.

Sounds like: Pure storytelling…


Artist: Tyler Farr, “A Guy Walks Into A Bar”  

Album: Suffer in Peace

Tyler Farr

Not my normal stuff but something about this struck me. Out of Tennessee

Sounds like: Exactly what you think, but not…


Artist: Banditos, “Still Sober (After All These Beers)”

Album: Banditos


Out of Nashville, via Birmingham, these guys are bringing the fun and the sound!

Sounds like: How we’ve all felt


Artist: Das Blankout, “King of the World”

Album: N/A

Das Blankout

Fantastic band out of Montreal

Sounds like: Those kind of driving beats to get you moving


Artist: UZ, “Trap Shit V24”

Album: All Trap Music Flames


This EP highlights some great stuff. This is the first single

Sounds like: A sensory journey


Artist: Life of Dillon, “Overload”

Album: Prologue

Life of Dillon

London group making some real noise

Sounds like: a good bit of fun


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