More Music From The Inbox 14 Mar 2018 Editors, David Byrne, The Naked and Famous and More!

Artist: Editors, “Belong” 

Album: Violence

The new album is really good

Sounds like:  The most intriguing track on the album


Artist: David Byrne, “Gasoline and Dirty Sheets”

Album: American Utopia

A lot of work with Brian and Eno and many collaborators, worth your time

Sounds like:  how life goes


Artist: The Naked and Famous, “Young Blood (Stripped)”

Album: A Still Heart

Wonderful sounds out of L.A.

Sounds like:  something just beautiful


Artist: Potatohead People, “Quest For Love”

Album: Nick and Astro’s Guide To The Galaxy

Great band name and sound out of Vancouver

Sounds like:  Jazz flow


Artist: Tim Burgess, “Inspired Again”

Album: As I Was Now

This Charlatans alum has a new album in April

Sounds like:  coming back from the dead


Artist: Moose Blood, “Talk In Your Sleep”

Album: I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore

Loving the new stuff from this English outfit

Sounds like:  wishing and wanting


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