More Music From The Inbox 14 Nov 2018 Ken Tizzard, O Emperor, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and More!

Artist: Ken Tizzard, “1962”

Album: A Good Dog Is Lost: A Collection of Ron Hynes Songs

Great solo work from this The Watchmen alum!

Sounds like:  memories shared, full of emotion


Artist: O Emperor, “Girl”  

Album: N/A

This Irish band is always catching my attention

Sounds like:  thoughts, winding and wondering


Artist: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, “Hanoi 2”

Album: IC-01 Hanoi

Their instrumental album, recorded in Vietnam, is worth your time

Sounds like:  Jazz soul amid the chaos


Artist: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, “Cappuccino City”

Album: Hope Downs

Love the sound of this Melbourne, Australia band

Sounds like:  something light and a little foamy


Artist: Viza, “Pinches”

Album: Unorthodox Revival II

This Los Angeles band is into melding cultures

Sounds like:  a definite SOAD vibe


Artist: City of Tyrants, “Astral Projection”  

Album: Revelations

This New Jersey metal band is killing it

Sounds like:  something beyond the veil


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