More Music From The Inbox 15 Jul 2015 Louis Proud, Jumping Back Slash, Matt Pond and More!

Artist: Louis Proud, “The Real Thing (ft SamaroPhox)”

Album: Summer Anthems 2015

Louis Proud

Fantastic dj out of Coventry in the UK

Sounds like: Something you can just feel


Artist: Jumping Back Slash, “Gqomuween”  

Album: N/A

Jumping Back Slash

South African sounds spreading

Sounds like: You should really be looking out


Artist: Matt Pond, “Take Me With You”

Album: The State of Gold

Matt Pond

Love the sound of this New York band.

Sounds like: That ache that keeps you close


Artist: Theo Berndt, “Guess I Never Thought of It That Way”

Album: N/A

Theo Berndt

Great music coming out of Sweden.

Sounds like: Playing for fun


Artist: Stealing Signs, “Hide and Seek”

Album: N/A

Stealing Signs

UK band starting to build a following

Sounds like: Some alt-pop twists and turns


Artist: The Modern Hearts, “Want You So Bad”

Album: N/A

The Modern Hearts

I’m loving this Toronto groups collection of tunes

Sounds like: Seeing things as they really are


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