More Music from the Inbox, 16 February 2013: Dream Glowing, Lead Mule, Cayucas, Pickwick and Darwin Deez

By Scott Jones

Artist: Dream Curtain

Album: Glowing

William Hampersonian sure selected an apt name for his debut LP project, this style of music, while relatively new and unexplored by many, is an interesting type of indie electronica surely capable of whisking the listener off to Dreamland.  Dream Curtain’s vocal reverb is cranked to eleven, while the techno-ey bass bounces from channel to channel like a kangaroo from space desperate to get out of its cage.

Sounds like: Dream pop (no pun intended) from way beyond the stratosphere.



Artist: Lead Mule

Album: Lead Mule

Here, we have a debut release from an East Coast outfit that likes to keep things on the polar side of complex, which is a refreshing breather after digesting louder, aggressive groups dishing out sonic assaults. Sometimes, a “Whoa yeah” dominating the chorus is all we need to feel motivated to drink a tall, cool glass of milk before running a marathon.  Raise your fists in triumph!

Sounds like: A jangly bend on ‘90s alternative rock. Maybe they have flannel sweaters in their closet?



Artist: Cayucas

Album: Bigfoot

This record is special. Very summery and cheerful. And bouncy. And groovy. Grab your thesaurus and try and find a picture of Brian Wilson, because it’s possible that when he was lying in bed, he may have contemplated writing this song. And Cayucas beat him to the punch over four decades later. The video is very colourful, with bright, holiday graphics and stop-motion production that may remind you of watching cartoons on a Saturday morning in your pajamas. It focuses a lot on Zach Yudin’s grey, canvas sneakers dancing, so blame him if you start dancing, too. You will.

Sounds like: Boppy, poppy coolness that will have you getting down with your bad self.



Artist: Pickwick

Album: Can’t Talk Medicine

Give it up for the Seattle sound coming from your speakers; Pickwick almost seem to scream out in their lyrics, “TESTIFYYYYYY!!!!!”  Considering they brought in Brooklynite Sharon Van Etten three thousand miles away from her home, they surely must have known in advance what they were getting into: A deeply emotional vocal performance only aiding in creating a successful coast-to-coast musical collaboration.

Sounds like: A late-night, Northwestern coffeehouse jam that makes the cross-country trip worth every drop.



Artist: Darwin Deez

Album: Songs for Imaginative People

Darwin’s lyrics seem to go so well with this music video’s Punxsutawney-esque backdrop. They can teach the listener that life is whatever you make of it.  His vocals range from a narrative style to a desperate, pleading chorus that tells you, “Yeah, the future IS important.” However, obsessive video-watchers, beware: The brunette drops 37 cups of coffee on the floor of Darwin’s convenience store. Yes. I counted. If I were him, I’d probably be frustrated enough to ride off on her bike, too.

Sounds like: A nice slice of pensive pop that gets your creative gears turning. Just be sure to clean up your own mess. Coffee stains, ya know?


Alan Cross

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