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More Music From The Inbox 16 Sep 2015 In Writing, Newham Generals, Dralms and More!

Artist: In Writing, “Chelsea”

Album: While You Were Away

In Writing

Great band out of the UK.

Sounds like: Something new and overdue


Artist: Newham Generals, “Murkin Yearly”

Album: N To The G

Newham Generals

Great talent coming out of London

Sounds like: A hard look at reality


Artist: Dralms, “Shook”

Album: Shook


Truly intriguing stuff out of Vancouver!

Sounds like: When reality and expectation meet


Artist: Teddybears, “Broken Heartbeat ft. Beenie Man”

Album: N/A


Sweden is home for this team.

Sounds like: That feeling of swaying in the dark


Artist: Machine Girl, “Missy Punk”

Album: Gemini

Machine Girl

Innovative and interesting group

Sounds like: High energy steroid music!


Artist: Robert Robert, “Lonely Road ft ZeFIRE’”

Album: Not Self Titled

Robert Robert

Brilliance out of Montreal

Sounds like: Telling one’s truth


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