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More Music From The Inbox 17 Jun 2015 Government Town, BIG FKN GUN, Seattle Yacht Club and More!

Artist: Government Town, “Drag You Away”

Album: N/A

Government Town

Awesome band out of Regina, Saskatchewan.

Sounds like: Alt folk awesomeness!


Artist: BIG FKN GUN, “As’jiki”  

Album: N/A


Some laid back sounds from Johannesburg, South Africa

Sounds like: Eyes closed, follow the beat


Artist: Seattle Yacht Club, “You’ve Gone Too Far”

Album: N/A

Seattle Yacht Club

Great band out of Southport in Great Britain I’ve been following for a while.

Sounds like: Really awesome pop track


Artist: Sami Switch, “Trying To Breathe”

Album: Solace

Sami Switch

Phenomenal artist out of the UK

Sounds like: we need to see we’re all drowning


Artist: Troyka, “Arcades”

Album: Ornithophobia


Incredible stylings from this ban out of London

Sounds like: Jazz fusion madness


Artist: Smashing Satellites, “Waterfall”

Album: SonicAluzion

Smashing Satellites

Amazing new album from this great Toronto band!

Sounds like: Thrown over the edge by life


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