More Music From The Inbox 17 Oct 2018 Petite Noir, Helena Hauff, Laurel Halo and More!

Artist: Petite Noir, “Blame Fire”  

Album: La Maison Noir/The Black House

One of my favourites out of South Africa

Sounds like:  loving the mix of rock elements


Artist: Helena Hauff, “Hyper-Intelligent Genetically Enriched Cyborg”

Album: Qualm

Absolutely incredible DJ and producer out of Germany

Sounds like:  techno at its best


Artist: Laurel Halo, “Nahbarkeit”

Album: Raw Silk Uncut Wood

Berlin is home to this ambient sound star

Sounds like:  searching for meaning in the fog


Artist: Jon Hopkins, “Singularity”

Album: Singularity

More incredible music from this London talent

Sounds like:  the build, it is endless


Artist: Helga, “Battle Song”  

Album: N/A

Impressive talent out of Sweden

Sounds like:  fighting for this world


Artist: aYia, “Slow”

Album: N/A

I love the sound of this artist out of Iceland

Sounds like:  High emotion


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