More Music From The Inbox 18 Feb 2015 Fun Control, Blackbird Blackbird, Foxes In Fiction and More!

Artist: Fun Control, “Colder”

Album: Tide

Fun Control

Truly talented Swedish band

Sounds like: Feeling the ice in your veins


Artist: Blackbird-Blackbird, “Visionary”  

Album: N/A

Blackbird Blackbird

Love the vibe from this Bay area outfit

Sounds like: Watching, dreaming…


Artist: Foxes In Fiction, “Ontario Gothic”

Album: Ontario Gothic

Foxes In Fiction

Beautiful sounds out of New York City

Sounds like: Swirled cityscapes


Artist: Bad Suns, “Salt”

Album: Language and Perspective

Bad Suns

Some fun driving music from this LA band.

Sounds like: In the wounds


Artist: From Indian Lakes, “Awful Things”

Album: Absent Sounds

From Indian Lakes

Not often you get to mention a band out of Yosemite Valley in California!

Sounds like: Story, well told


Artist: Armors, “Parasite”

Album: N/A


Enjoying the sounds out of California

Sounds like: Fear and loathing


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