More Music From The Inbox 18 Jul 2018 Mr. Dreem, Odina, Alex Bayly and More!

Artist: Mr. Dreem, “You Versus The World”

Album: The Impossible Sometimes

These brothers from North Carolina are really onto something

Sounds like:  pure joy


Artist: Odina, “I’ll Carry You”

Album: Nothing Makes Sense

I love this deeply personal release from an impressive talent

Sounds like:  purity of self and spirit


Artist: Alex Bayly, “Clear Air Turbulence”  

Album: N/A

Brilliant guitarist and song writer

Sounds like:  dream pop bliss


Artist: Neil Frances, “Come Back Around”  

Album: N/A

Out of France with that very Euro feel

Sounds like:  electronic dreamscapes


Artist: Cathedrals, “Behave”

Album: N/A

Great indie pop sounds out of San Francisco

Sounds like:  a bit of a Massive Attack vibe


Artist: Uforia, “What It Means To You”

Album: N/A

Out of my birthplace, Toronto, with an original sound

Sounds like:  Some fantastic and much needed rock


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