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More Music From The Inbox 18 Nov 2015 Weatherstate, Lisa Ronson, Eska and More!

Artist: Weatherstate, “ILL”

Album: Dumbstruck


Great band out of Bristol in the UK.

Sounds like: Punktastic punkiness


Artist: Lisa Ronson, “Get To You”

Album: Emperors of Medieval Japan

Lisa Ronson

This bi-continental artist (London and New York) has a raft of names behind her.

Sounds like: Haunted by touch and memory


Artist: Eska, “Rock of Ages”

Album: Eska


This icredible artist from London is up for a Mercury Prize.

Sounds like: A wish and a want, a need


Artist: My Cruel Goro, “Clash”

Album: N/A

My Cruel Goro

Not every day you hear a three piece out of Iceland/Italy!

Sounds like: Punk me baby!


Artist: Tymon Dogg, “Pound of Grain”

Album: Made of Light

Tymon Dogg

The former Mescalero out of London/Sussex is back!

Sounds like: A new vegan anthem!


Artist: My Brothers and I, “Dream’”

Album: Don’t Dream Alone

My Brothers and I

Great stuff out of Portland, Oregon

Sounds like: Let yourself go and…


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